Advanced Restorative Course

FDI-AFRICA Program in collaboration with GC Europe NV – Uganda

Combined Dental esthetics Course with GC-Composites and Glass-ionomers.

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1- Educational objectives of the course

This course is addressed to dentists willing to develop and up date their knowledge in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. It offers a theoretical and practical approach in this field as well as the new techniques and materials proposed, in order to offer to the patient the best aesthetic results. Most of the questions asked by today’s dentists about esthetic dentistry will be approached and answered in details.

The theoretical presentation will be followed by a practical workshop, explaining in detail, the described techniques and procedures for an optimal use of resin composite and glass-ionomers.

pay to write research paper2- Instructors in charge

This program is conducted in collaboration with the FDI and GC society. The lectures and training are provided by Mr Dirk Galle (CDT, Master Technician, Ceramist, Technical & Training Manager for GC Europe – Leuven) and Professor Joseph Sabbagh (specialist in Restorative and Esthetic dentistry and professor at the Lebanese University).

3- Course contents


1-Composite selection


– What are the main differences between the categories of resin composites:

-Material selection according to clinical considerations

-Latest innovations in restorative dentistry: Self-adherent resin composites and bulk fill materials

2-Dentino-enamel adhesives

-The different categories, the components of bonding systems and their optimal use

-What are the main differences between the total Etch technique v/s self-etch technique bonding systems and how to achieve a reliable bonding procedure ?

3-Esthetic anterior restorations: Class III, IV and V


– Achieving optimal shade selection in cosmetic dentistry

-Cavity preparation, beveling and filling according to the layering technique concept.

-Etiology of cervical lesions, materials and techniques for class V restorations.

-Finishing and polishing of anterior restorations : instruments and techniques

-Diastema closure using a silicone key

-Use of color modifiers in different clinical situations

4-Glass-ionomers in daily practice : classification and clinical indications


– Composition and classification of glass-ionomers

– Indications and advantages of glass-ionomers cements

– Clinical cases illustrating the different uses of glass ionomers from temporary to permanent teeth.


9:00 : New concepts and composite selection in anterior restorations (Prof.Joseph Sabbagh)

12:00 :Aesthetic layering with Gradia-Direct – philosophy, concept, patient  cases (CDT Master Dirk Galle)

13:00: Lunch

14:00-18h: Practical Hands-on course: (CDT. Galle and Prof.Sabbagh)

-Step by step Class IV restorations – Bio-mimetic layering or how to realize invisible restorations.

-How to select color, which opacities to use, fabrication of silicone key, how to work the shape, finishing and polishing of composite restorations

-How to change the colour of a discolored tooth

-Creating individual effects with optiglaze color modifiers

Day 2

9:00-10h30: Recent update on glass-ionomer : composition, indication and clinical application.

(Prof Sabbagh )

10:30-11h30: Workshop on Glass-ionomers (Sabbagh and Galle)

-Tips and Tricks, step by step handling (add info please)

11h30-12h : Discussion, questions and answers